Chilean Cuisine

Chilean cuisine depends on its topographical position. It is 4000 km from the coast. The diversity of cultures and traditions that had been brought by various emigrates influenced Chilean food greatly. Severe conditions of the most part of Chile made an impact to the cookery - there are fewer ingredients in the mount regions and the amount of food is not so big. Otherwise, in the central valley the European influence is stronger and that’s why people cook different dishes with various ingredients. Pepper, garlic, potatoes, corn and rice are present in almost every Chilean meal.

Here one can find the variety of vegetable dishes, starting with popular in Latin America vegetable stew saltado till corn pudding with meat-pastel de choklo. Meat products are one of the favorite here. The most spread meat is beef, pork, chicken and also the meat of lama and alpaca. One of the most typical Chilean dishes is ’cazuela de ave’ which is a chicken soup with rice and lots of flavor. It is a pretty big piece of chicken, two or three uncut potatoes and rice. Cazuela is nothing like the European chicken soup, if you order it for the first case you can forget about a second course and a desert, you won’t simply have place for it. Cazuela de ave goes perfectly with a shot of vodka. 

Another typical dish for this country is ‘lomo a la pobre’ is a big piece of roast beef with two eggs above it that serves with roasted potatoes. Another dish that is scary to vegetarian and cardiologists is “parillada” is a mixture of grilled umbels, udder and blood sausage. A soup “Curanto” is a local favorite it is made of beef, fish, various bird, pork, lamb and potatoes. This soup goes perfectly with “empanadas” - patty cakes with different filling. 

One more typical meal is a sea- hedgehog soup. Though the taste is doubtful, the dish is rich in iodine nd is very preferable between the locals.

Chilean and tourists enjoy a great variety of fruit and vegetables – from avocado, papaya, grapes, bananas, pineapples till tomatoes, cucumber and different forest berries.

The Chileans are the salty people. They put salt almost everywhere. The amount of salt per day is 10-12 grams , when normal is 4. 

Lunch is a main course in Chile. Any restaurant has a cheap launch for 2 dollars. It includes a salad, soup with meat that often goes with “empanados”. During the summer time it’s a must to try “umitas” is a flavored corn cob or a corn stew. Every launch is followed by a cup of coffee. 

Chile is famous for its wines. “Vinos variedad” – are wines that have only one type. Dry wines contain only 2% of residual sugar per liter. It means that all sugar transformed into alcohol during the process of fermentation.

“El pisco” is national liquor. It contains 40% of alcohol. The grapes are raised in a special between the dry hills on the north of the country.