Getting In and Around Chile


The most budget way to get to Chile is to travel by plane. Try, to avoid “hot season” like Easter, Christmas or New Year.  If you are booking on the internet, try to search as much as you can, because sometimes airlines put prices so low that is almost a crime not to buy their tickets.

Once you get to Chile there are several ways how you can get inside the country. Santiago de Chile, for example, has the biggest airport in the country, which is fully equipped and clean. It receives flights from all over the world and has a vast flight net with its main neighbor – Argentina.  

Chilean railway transportation is considered to be one of the biggest and most comfortable in South America. Sistema Estatal de Ferrocarriles" (EFE) works from Santiago to the southern end of the country. It goes through the major Chilean cities like Rancagua, Talca, and Chillan, with a final stop at Temuco. Just as all developed countries, train seats are divided into different sections that vary from the price and desirable comfort of the customer. Though, it is a quite fast and comfortable transport, such things as unplanted stops and delays are a usual practice here. Nevertheless, there is a train that goes from Santiago to Rancagua, which is called “Metrotren”. This train is ultrafast; it stops at every city on the way to Rancagua. The train is fast and has the same seats as in a usual subway. 

If to take public transport in Chile then the main one is probably taxi. It is very easy to identify – it has internationally known black and yellow colors. Chilean taxi is famous as a fast, clean and safe type of transport. Drivers are usually polite and attentive; each car has air conditioner and a taximeter

Chilean metro is believed to be standard and of good service. It is fast, clean and what’s important a cheap type of transport. Santiago’s subway has three lines (red, green and yellow) that go in all directions passing through most important historical and administrative spots of the city. 

Another popular public transportation is conducted by bus. Just as Chilean taxies it has bright yellow and white colors that cut an eye of any tourists. Although, buses are at the same price as a subway they are slow and less comfortable but this way you will get to see the city. Chilean buses can work inside and outside the city. Those that work between the cities are fully equipped and are believed to be one of the funniest ways to travel. Chilean buses in contrary to trains are usually used by students who try to save their budget. If you decide to travel through Chile in a holiday season like New Year and Christmas, prepare yourself for drinking. Chilean students are like to have fun and holiday season is no exception.

Finally, if you want to rent a car, there are some things that you should do to get it. First of all you should have a passport (ID is not required), international driver license (though, if you don’t have one, you can use your credit card instead) and fit the age difference of 21-75 years.