Life in Chile

With its economic stability, pleasant people and spectacular landscapes Chile is definitely a great place for relocation. According to international rankings Chile is considered to be the best country to live in with its best city for dwelling, Santiago.

Whatever the tourists’ interests, Chile waits for them without promises but also without disappointment. The country of different activities that offers perspective future or can be just a cosy place to live which is favored by the perfect climate conditions. 

Food and Drink

Chile has low import duties due to the imported goods such as electronics, cars and food. They are cheaper than in US or European countries.

Another advantage is that Chile is the main producer of vegetables, fresh seafood so the prices of these certain goods are low. 

The cost of food and drinks is quite expensive  in comparison with other South American countries. 

In general, fruit and vegetables from local markets and supermarkets are quite cheap while local drinks cost relatively expensive. For one bottle of beer you will pay $3-$4 

When it comes to the restaurants in Chile, the traditional food will cost you around 8,000 pesos, it's about $15, though it's quite a reasonable price as compared with European countries. However living on a tight budget and afford eating at the restaurants may hit your pocket. The most expensive place to have dinner is definitely Santiago. Any restaurant of Santiago will treat you with delicious food though this pleasure will cost you around $ 50.

Housing and Utilities

On average, renting accommodations is not cheap nevertheless it's cheaper than in Argentina and Brazil.

The internet connection costs approximately 40$ (20,000 pesos) per month. Concerning the electricity the price is the same.

Settling in Chile

Before settling in Chile, there are some facts you must take into consideration. Santiago is the capital of Chile with highly developing economy and Latin culture.

It is famous for its cultural events, art galleries as well as government buildings. If you have a guaranteed job offer, don't hesitate to move to this city of perspective job alternatives. Chile offers perfect opportunities to the immigrants having an English Learning Training qualification as teachers  are strongly respected and well paid here.

If talking about safety, Chile is an absolutely safe country. There seldom happen robberies or murders here.

Going Out

With such fascinating tourist attractions in Chile as theaters, churches, art galleries, museums and amazing parks this country may offer a lot. But if to talk about exciting night life, Santiago is the best place to mention. Pubs of this city can offer you outstanding national musicians, tasty beer and quite reasonable prices. 

If you still hesitate if Chile is the best country to live in, come and check for yourself.