Top 10 Hotels in Chile

Chile is a stunning country so there is no surprise that the cities here offer some exotic and luxury hotels and resorts with unbelievably gorgeous rooms and breathtaking private views. No matter what city you are traveling to in Chile, you are sure to find a personal paradise to lay your head. Below is a top 10 list of favorite hotels in Chile.

The Magic Mountain Hotel

Magic Mountain Hotel

This is not just any ordinary hotel in Southern Chile. It is located in the Huilo Huilo reserve and it is more than stunning. Not only does it have a unique structure with a waterfall running down the side, it is found in simply breathtaking scenery. Hot tubs in the forest are made out of tree trunks for you to soak in, drink some Chilean wine and enjoy the ducks, pumas or mountain lines wandering around. White water rafting, fly fishing and ski packages are available.

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa

Tierra Atacama Hotel

This hotel made of local materials is found in San Pedro de Atacama. Llama rugs, volcanic rock and local textiles are your surroundings with a staff that caters to your needs to deliver you poolside drinks, offer a massage or bring you cushions while you sit at the fire pit. Prices are said to make your eyes water but worth every penny.

Matetic Vineyards

Matetic Vineyards Guesthouse

This fully restored colonial house is now an amazing guesthouse just outside of Santiago. It is located in the country surrounded by gardens and 22 acres of vineyards. The charming houses offer wine tasting from their harvested fields, horseback riding and breakfast dinner for two.


Remota Hotel Chile

Located in Puenta Arenas, the hotel is splendid and far from the city. It may not be as luxuriously decorated as others, on the interior but the setting around the hotels certainly makes up for it. You will find a sauna, jacuzzi and heated pool with plenty of open fire pits burning at all times. The hotel is close to the Torres del Paine and the Southern Fjords as well as other attractions. More info and booking.

Villarica Park Lake Hotel

Villarica Park Lake

It is hard to find the words to describe this hotel found in Villarica. It is luxurious with views of snow-capped volcanoes, national parks, thermal baths and crystal clear lakes. The facilities have everything a luxury hotel should have. There are vast amounts of attractions to tour from this location. More info and booking.

Posada de Mike Rapu

Posada de Mike Rapu

Located on the mythical Easter Island and the rooms are almost ridiculous they are so large. Visitors must take a five hour plane ride from Santiago to get to the hotel but you will not find another resort like this in Chile. The prices is severely steep but your room rates include tours across the entire island every day which more than makes up for the price.

Hosteria de la Colina

Consistently rated a top 10 in Chile, this hotel is on a hill, above the town of Villarrica. This family owned hotel is set among lovely gardens with wood-fired hot tubs admiring views of the smoking volcano Villarica, native forests and cascading waterfalls. The restaurant is known across the world for Glen's famous ice cream.

Grand Hyatt Santiago

Grand Hyatt Santiago

This hotel, found in Santiago is cosmopolitan luxury meets natural beauty. Each room elegant with plenty of marble offering views of the majestic Andes. This hotel offers you a lagoon-style pool with waterfall and a three story spa. Three restaurants wait for you here with two wine caves to tempt your pallet. More info and booking.

The Cliffs Preserve

The Cliffs Preserve Hotel

You will not find a better view then at this hotel in Peruto Varas. This is an Eco-luxury retreat on acres of ancient rainforests overlooking the South Pacific. Your room has a private terrace, jacuzzi bath and open fireplace. The spa offers holistic treatments and the resort only serves the most premium of Chilean wines.

Lapostolle Residence


This is a secluded resort in Santa Cruz that only offers four rooms in the entire resort. Extraordinary views of mountains and vineyards is what you will look at from your casitas, nestled into the forested hillside. This is a stunning resort that will transport you to your own piece of heaven.